Cosmetic Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI

Cosmetic Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI | St. Apollonia DentalSo what makes a beautiful smile? Ever wonder what it is or why it is that some people have beautiful teeth? There is, in fact, a science devoted to esthetics known as anthropomorphics. Within the field of anthropomorphics, lie the principles and criteria of what the human eye perceives as attractive.

Here at St. Apollonia Dental, we apply anthropomorphic principles to design each patient’s individual smile. Such factors as length and width of the teeth, shade, alignment, and a host of other factors are addressed to arrive at a beautiful and harmonious smile. In most cases, a preview of the final smile can be seen in a temporary, which is later duplicated and applied to the final restorations.

In summary, creating a beautiful smile involves more than making changes and “hoping” the changes look good. By taking a systematic and scientific approach, we are able to arrive at a predictable outcome that’s right for you! Contact us today to learn more.

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